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What does LIVIN’ THE DREAM mean to you?

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One late night many years ago, I was signing CD’s after one of my performances. A woman in line handed me a stack of CD’s to sign for her daughters. Her husband watched me quietly. When I finished signing, he looked at me, dead serious. He said, “Man…” as he held up his hand in a beckoning high-five, “you are livin’ the dream!” I laughed, high-fived him back and thanked him.

It was an interesting moment. A part of me stood there for a second and thought, “Yeah. You know what? I really am!” Even though I had set out to do exactly that: Live the Dream! At that time, livin’ the dream meant being a touring songwriter and performer. Now, it’s different.

But either way, the meaning is the same. Livin’ the dream is living on your own terms. It’s following the call of your soul. It’s opening up to and breaking free from fears and obstacles – and being showered with all of the amazing lessons and rewards of clarity. It’s not an easy ride. And it’s certainly not an easy choice.

Which is why so few people do it. Most people settle for what they think they can get. I intend to get as many people to live their dream as possible. :)

And as you can see by the badge above, it’s the theme of UplevelLIVE 2016! This cool little badge has been getting plastered all over our private Facebook group as people start setting intentions now – getting ready to descend on Asheville on July 17! (Time and time again, the minute people sign up for my retreats, they start seeing manifestations and breakthroughs just from that powerful intention alone!)

There's an expression here in Asheville. We call it So, in the spirit of UplevelLIVE 2016 – what does LIVIN’ THE DREAM mean to you? And most importantly, are you???




Feature Article:

6 Irresistible Reasons to Stop Explaining Yourself

This is for the “explainers” out there. You know who you are! You CARE. You care what people think and you want approval to buy the house, join the mastermind, go to that retreat in another city. You kind of just want someone to tell you what to do, instead of listening to your gut. For you, my friend, here’s how and why to stop it right now. Scroll down for 6 absolutely irresistible reasons to stop explaining yourself...


"Ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere!"

Mary Duggan

“Before the retreat, my businesses were tiny. My jewelry business was hardly more than a hobby, and my consultancy existed in name only. Since then, my jewelry business no longer operates out of my spare bedroom – I have a proper studio.

I’ve already met my goal of increasing the number of retail outlets that carry my designs. I’d stopped paying attention to my consultancy business – but then as my confidence began to grow, ideal clients just started to appear almost out of nowhere. Since June, I have earned over $13,000 with work that I can easily do in addition to my creative business.

I can honestly say that since the retreat, I’ve been happier than I can ever remember being and my relationships with my husband and my friends have just blossomed. Plus, of course, I have a whole new set of wonderful, creative and supportive friends.”

Mary Duggan


6 Irresistible Reasons to Stop Explaining Yourself

6 Irresistible Reasons to Stop Explaining Yourself

by Christine Kane

Rita’s dad didn’t approve of her choice to join a mastermind to help her grow her business. Rita said she was expecting a long email from him filled with judgments. As she waited for that email, she was figuring out what she would write back.


Jan, one of my Platinum-level coaching clients, bought her dream house. She avoided telling her friends about it for fear that they would judge her, or call her irresponsible. She was "gearing up" to explain her choice to them.


After much deliberation, Patrick hired a personal assistant. He was happy and excited to share it with the Uplevel Academy mastermind. When I sat down and talked with him about his choice (and to celebrate!), I learned that he was feeling sheepish, "like a diva or something." He hadn't told anyone in his life about this choice because he didn't yet have the words to "explain his choice."


Now, there are some people who might read these stories and think, “Are you kiddin’ me? Who cares what anyone thinks about your houses or masterminds or anything??!” If this is you, then read no further. This article is not for you.

I’m writing this for the “explainers” out there. And it doesn’t matter if you explain to parents, partners, or priests. You know who you are!

You’ve heard me talk about the benefits of going “Complaint-Free,” right? Well, today, we’re going to talk about going “Explaint-Free!”

And here are 6 irresistible reasons to do just that:

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Christine Kane Christine Kane is known as the Mentor to People Who are Changing the World. She is the president and founder of Uplevel You™, a million-dollar company committed to the growth and empowerment of entrepreneurs and creatives around the globe through teaching not only high-level cutting-edge authentic marketing and business strategies - but also transformational techniques to shift mindsets and wealth.

Christine has now worked with over three thousand people in her Uplevel Your Life® Mastery Program and Uplevel Your Business™ Program & Blueprint, in addition to her popular events and retreats - where she teaches students how to create successful businesses based in their passion, attract an on-going stream of customers, clients and income -- while creating a life of meaning and purpose.

After 15 years in a successful career as a popular songwriter and performer, Christine shifted her focus so that she could provide a deeper level of service to other creative and entrepreneurial types. "Yeah," she laughs. "I went from being a rock star on the stage to helping people be rock stars in their lives and businesses! I love it! This is my dream come true!"

Christine provides Upleveling advice, breakthrough techniques and other resources to over 55,000 subscribers from around the world via her Uplevel YOU eZine. If you liked today's issue, you'll love the transformations you'll experience in Christine's Uplevel Coaching Programs to help you quickly break through into higher levels of happiness and success!

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